Los límites del Estado
Una revisión krausista con proyección en Iberoamerica
Pedro Álvarez Lázaro (Coord.)

The core of the book is established in terms of the presentation and critical analysis of the legal-political philosophy of Kraus. The content has two focuses: the outset of the approaches of the founder and father of Krausism and another four on Spanish Krausism. It also examines the common participation of Krausism and conservative Catholicism in the social reform of Spain in the first third of the last century. Finally, the small tribute-compendium that is now published includes another couple of contributions on the projection of European Krausism in America, especially in Uruguay and Argentina, and the last one on the link between Masonic liberalism and the formation of the Uruguayan secular state.

The book’s final date coincided precisely with the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the beginning of the collapse of one of the clearest paradigms of the totalitarian state that humanity has endured.

For this reason, the illustration on the cover wants to honour an event that, surely, would have been celebrated by the German philosopher Krause and by all his disciples and admirers of his Philosophy.

Publication in Spanish