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Les jésuites et les pauvres

The Jesuits have the reputation of addressing themselves first to the most privileged social circles. This is easily explained if we consider the strong involvement of the Jesuits, from their foundation, in the colleges, at a time when teaching at this level...

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The Breath of God: An Essay on the Holy Spirit in the Trinity

The Holy Spirit is in a way the most mysterious of the three “names” of God. For many, it is the “unknown God” (Acts 17:23). How can a “Spirit” be love? How can it be a person? What role can a “Spirit” have in the trinitarian relations? In The Breath of God, Vetö...

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Tournants et torments en métaphysique

The history of metaphysics is rich in turning points and torments. Initiated by Aristotle but with the difficulty of conceiving in a univocal way what she is looking for, she seems to have set her goal in the 17th century, when the word "ontology" was invented....

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