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The Kircher Network and UNIJES, with the collaboration of the other Jesuit higher education networks (AUSJAL, AJCU, AJCU-AP, AJCU-AM, JHEASA), publish the Quarterly Letter & Webinars on Best Practices. In our blog, you will find a selection of systematized best practices and resources in Jesuit higher education around the world

Inspired by the spirit of collaboration and networking, the six regional higher education networks members of the International Association of Jesuit Universities-IAJU (AJCU, AUSJAL, AJCU-AM; AJCU-AP, JHEASA and the Kircher Network) has joined efforts in the “Best Practices in Jesuit HighEd Project”. The Kircher Network is coordinating the project. The project will be a service platform combining the publication of an Online Newsletter on best practices and know-how on Jesuit higher education, with the organization of Webinars with the authors of the articles. All best practices will be published in this blog this Fall.

The first two editions of the Newsletter on Best Practices in Jesuit higher education institutions will address the themes of “Pedagogical Innovation and Ignatian Pedagogy.” The call for articles is closed. The first edition will be published on April 30th.

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