The Beijing Center: International Online Mandarin Language Program

The Beijing Center (TBC)



Online Learning

The Beijing Center (TBC) is offering an online Mandarin language program to faculty and students from Jesuit institutions interested in learning Mandarin and at the same time have a cross-cultural exchange experience. They offer short-term online Mandarin language courses designed for six to twelve participants on up to two scenario topics. Currently, they are running a program with a mix of alumni and students from different universities. 

Classes are designed for beginner-level speakers, but they could also offer advanced modules depending on your group’s needs. For access to the course, they kindly ask their partners to pay an administrative fee of USD 7.99 per program. For class quality purposes, they require a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve participants to run a program.

This is an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, staff from Jesuit higher education institutions to improve their Mandarin skills in an online class setting, while the pandemic subsides.

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For any questions, requests, or suggestions on the online Chinese lesson program, please contact Academics Coordinator, Ms Emily Xiong, at