Inter-Institutional Online Courses Project

The Inter-Institutional Online Courses Project allows students from the Kircher Network to enrol in online courses on Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies offered by the universities and faculties of the Kircher Network.

The Kircher faculties and centres of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies participating in this Project recognize the benefits of providing inter-institutional course enrolment to interested students or partner institutions.

These institutions also share a commitment to the potential positive outcomes of curriculum and enrollment sharing: an enriched educational experience for students, curriculum enhancement, professional development opportunities for faculty, and the conservation of institutional resources.

The concept of inter-institutional course enrolments benefits both the students and institutions. Students would have the opportunity to study with a broader network of peers from sister Jesuit faculties of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies Europe and Lebanon. Furthermore, due to a network of esteemed educators, the students would learn from a different cultural perspective, increasing the resources and knowledge available to them.

Pilot Phase: 2021 -2022 academic semester

How does the Project work?

– The participating institutions in the pilot phase have signed a Memorandum of Understanding here

– The Project is coordinated by the Steering Committee comprising the following delegates: Julianne McCormack -Chair (Munich School of Philosophy), Jacek Poznański, SJ (Jesuit University Ignatianum in Kraków), Iraia Eizmendi (Deusto University), and Susana Di Trolio (Kircher Network Executive Secretary). 

How to apply?

– Check the list of online courses available for the Fall 2021 – 2022 academic semester here 

– Talk to your academic adviser about the online course you have selected.

– Contact the international office of your institution.

Download the flyer here 

Participating institutions