Upcoming event: IV Theological Sympodium: “Christian Eschatology in the context

The Kircher IV Theological Symposium, ”Christian Eschatology in the Context of the Epochal Changes in the World,” will be held at the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid from July 4 to 7, 2024.

This academic event will gather faculty members from our network’s theology and religious studies faculties. They will engage in reflective discussions on how to convey the core of the Christian message in a World marketed, as the De Status Societies stresses, by “the change of historical epoch”. And how do the multiple challenges these epochal changes pose affect the way of thinking and doing theology, especially eschatology? 

The symposium aims to cultivate and promote theological reflection grounded in the Ignatian tradition through lectures and workshop discussions. Additionally, it seeks to facilitate personal and professional connections among faculty members through various cultural activities.

Distinguished speakers will include Nicolas Steeves, SJ (Pontifical Gregorian University), presenting on “Eschatology and Imagination”; Marc Rastoin, SJ (Centre Sèvres), exploring “Saint Paul and Eschatology”; Philip Geister, SJ (Newman Institute), delving into “Ultimate Happiness or Ultimate Failure – Heaven and Hell in Modern Christian Eschatology”; and Pedro Fernández Castelao (Comillas Pontifical University), discussing “Time, Eternity, and the Possibility of Postmortal Purification.” The symposium is designed to encourage interactivity and participation, allowing all attendees a 5–7-minute presentation opportunity during the workshop.


For additional information, please get in touch with Paloma García Alejandro

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