Universities of Discernment for Reconciliation. IAJU International Symposium on Ignatian Reconciliation

This Symposium represented a valuable synthesis of theoretical and practical points of view by recognized experts in the field and presented nearly 50 consolidated experiences on peacebuilding and reconciliation, in territories or with specific communities around the world, carried out by institutions, and involving works affiliated with the Society of Jesus.

As the Secretary for Higher Education of the Society of Jesus, the mission of Reconciliation recalled during the closing ceremony, “puts the Ignatian spiritual root of common discernment at the center.”

At the closing ceremony of the Symposium, the participants were invited to continue working as a “reconciliation network”. The network initiative was launched to respond to the challenges that have arisen. Ultimately, the purpose is that “we co-create this Mission together,” added the Secretary for Higher Education.

This “reconciliation network” will be activated today at a networking meeting so that the learning community of reconciliation practices may continue at the Assembly of the IAJU, which will take place in Boston in August 2022.


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