The Newman Institute: Best work on climate in Sweden´s universities

The Newman Institute in Uppsala has been ranked the most climate-friendly university in Sweden, sharing first place in the Climate Action Ranking 2021. In line with the Paris Agreement, the ranking aims to follow up the governmental resolution to increase universities’ commitment to promoting sustainable development and decreasing their environmental impact by 2030.

As a Jesuit university, the Newman Institute’s work on the environment is based on Laudato Sì. “Only if we work together to protect our common home can we become truly effective”, they say. They do not see the protection of the environment as a duty or an obligation. Nor as a quota to meet. And this is what ultimately sets the Newman Institute apart from other colleges and universities.

The ranking evaluates Swedish higher education institutions in four environmental impacts. The Newman Institute has performed well in all of them, but they believe there is still room for improvement and are already implementing several measures.

In two categories, the sharpest goals and action plans for emission reductions are rewarded, and the most accurate measurement of total greenhouse gas emissions, respectively. In the other two categories, the lowest emissions from air travel per annual workforce apply for 2020, and the largest reduction in emissions from air travel per annual labour force between 2019 and 2020, respectively. The ranking is based on a survey carried out by the Swedish Climate Students movement,

The ranking wants to show to both current and potential students which higher education institutions in the country are consistently and actively working on their environmental impacts, which is starting to gain importance in the choice of the university. And Newman has proven to be at the very top.

#levsomnilär (meaning “live the way you teach”) is the Swedish Climate Students movement slogan.

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