Launching of the Kircher Inter-Institutional Online Courses Project

We are glad to announce the pilot phase of the Inter-Institutional Online Courses Project for the Fall Semester 2021-2022. The Inter-Institutional Online Courses Project allows students from the Kircher Network to enrol in online courses on Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies offered by the universities and faculties of the Network. The pilot project will allow our students to study with a broader network of peers and professors from sister institutions. In addition, it will enable us to test the basic administrative process we designed for allowing the cross-inter-institutional registration and the recognition of the ECST. In establishing the administrative process, the Steering Committee in charge of developing the project has sought to keep it as simple as possible and to avoid any additional costs for the institutions. At the end of the pilot, an evaluation will be carried out, and the corresponding proposals for executing the project at full scale will be defined.

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