Kircher Network Council met in Brussels to craft the Netwrok’s new Strategic Plan

The Kircher Network Council recently convened its first in-person meeting at the JCEP (Jesuit Conference of European Provincials) headquarters in Brussels on January 5-6, 2024, marking a significant step forward in preparing the Network’s new Strategic Plan (2024 – 2029). The JCEP president, Dalibor Renić SJ., joined the discussion and provided significant insights. 

Key Objectives and Achievements:

The Council, chaired by Philip Geister, SJ., and comprising Gonzalo Villagrán, SJ., Annick Castiaux, Jacek Poznański SJ., and Susana Di Trolio tackled three pivotal goals during the intensive sessions:

  • Teamwork Enhancement and Coordination: A primary focus was strengthening teamwork among Council members and coordinating with the President of the JCEP to enhance overall effectiveness and synergies.

  • Crafting a Vision for 2029: Another highlight was initiating discussions to draft a new vision statement for the Kircher Network, defining the overall goals that the Kircher Network will achieve by 2028. 

  • Strategic Roadmap (2024 – 2029): The Council engaged in robust discussions to identify and prioritize the new Strategic Plan based on the needs and strategic areas identified by the last General Assembly (July 2023).

After the meeting, the group defined the timeline for continuing to the draft of the new Strategic Plan, which will be sent to the presidents and deans for their feedback in May. The Plan will be discussed at the General Assembly at the University of Deusto in Bilbao this July. 

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