IV Theological Symposium: “Christian Eschatology in the context of Secularization in the pandemic World”

The Kircher Network is pleased to announce the upcoming Theological Symposium, which will bring experts on the field to discuss, among others, the following inquiries. What challenges does secularization pose, especially to Christian eschatology, amid the pandemic situation we have been experiencing globally? Is it still possible to talk about the “last things”? How should Christian eschatology be rethought in the context of secularization and its challenges? Does the experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic for almost two years change anything in this regard?

Where: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid
When: July 6-9, 2022.
Format: in-person meeting

Keynote speakers:
Nicolas Steeves, SJ (Pontifical Gregorian University), “Eschatology and imagination” Marc Rastoin, SJ (Centre Sèvres, France), “Saint Paul and Eschatology” Philip Geister, SJ (Newman Institute, Sweden), “Ultimate happiness or ultimate failure – heaven and hell in modern Christian eschatology” Gabino Uríbarri Bilbao, SJ (Pontifical Comillas University), “Eschatology and History. What does Christian hope promise us for this present world and for the coming one?”

The IV Theological Symposium aims at bringing together all theologians of our Jesuit Faculties of Theology in Europe, ready to share their reflections and research related to the theme of eschatology. Everyone can find their place: biblical scholars, dogmatic theologians, specialists in spirituality or moral theology, as well as those whose reflection is carried out from a pastoral point of view.

In addition to the keynote speeches, there will be group discussions organized using two languages (English/French or English/Spanish). Each participant is expected to contribute with a 5 to 7 minutes’ reflection (approximately 1000 words).

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