“IAJU Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education”

The International Association of Jesuit Universities has published the first edition of the “IAJU Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education”. You will find a selection of good practices in Ignatian Pedagogy and Pedagogical Innovation developed by faculty members from different Jesuit universities worldwide. Several faculty members of the Kircher Network´s universities and centres have published their best practices in this issue. 

The IAJU Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education Project is an innovative global initiative coordinated by the Kircher Network. The projects seek to collect, share, and discuss best practices in key strategic topics for the apostolic mission and management of Jesuit higher education institutions. For your convenience, the collection of best practices are presented in an appealing combination of formats (Newsletter, full articles, nicely designed infographics, magazines and a searchable repository). The registration for the webinars with the authors is now open

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