HEST Webinar: MOOC on Sustainability and Ignatian Values

On December 17th, Comillas University, the Kircher Network – HEST cluster on Ecology and Environmental Challenges and the IAJU Task Force on Environmental and Economic Justice hosted a webinar to kick-start creating a joint Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Sustainability and Ignatian Values.

This MOOC will seek to put together the knowledge produced by Jesuit universities worldwide on the deep connection between sustainability and ethics and spiritual values. Following the ideas proposed by Pope Francis in Laudato si¬ī, the course will offer an integral perspective of sustainability, in which environmental, social, economic or spiritual elements are addressed with an interdisciplinary approach. Hence, the webinar’s goal was to share this idea with faculty from Jesuit universities across the world and engage them in the creation of the course.

So far, the preliminary outline of the course was discussed and the platform in which it will be hosted, and the materials required from contributors. The course will be organized in short modules and will have four major sections: a general one, in which broader sustainability concepts and their connection to ethics, spirituality and reconciliation will be presented; a second one in which Sustainable Development Goals will be reviewed from this integral perspective; and a third one which will address indicators and implementation issues; and a fourth one in which case studies from all over the world will be described. The content is open and flexible, so that any interested faculty may contribute.

Faculty members interested may contact Professor Pedro Linares at pedro.linares@comillas.edu to inquire about further details.

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