HEST new group on Secularization in Europe

The celebration of the first online meeting on last September 16 marked the launch of this new research group of the Kircher Network’s HEST programme. This HEST cluster was established as part of the second phase of the programme. It will seek to develop research on the phenomenon of secularization in Europe, stressing an interdisciplinary approach and a comparative perspective. The group is coordinated by Prof Dr Ignacio Sepúlveda of Loyola Andalusia University, with the support of Sergio Gadea SJ as secretary.

Eleven researchers from nine universities and centres members of the network participated in the meeting. The President (Philip Geister, SJ) and the Executive Secretary of the Kircher (Susana Di Trolio) also attended the event.

The delegates discussed the project proposal and the three research topics:

• Multiple secularities in Europe.
• Best ways and lessons learned in transmitting faith in the different secularized societies present in Europe.
• Relationship and contributions of spirituality and religion to European societies’ democratic dimension.

The group will also seek to transfer their research results to civil societies, especially to the pastoral works of the Jesuit provinces and other Catholic pastoral works.

The researchers also agreed on a work plan for the following year. The road map will include three online seminars on the major research themes and an in-person colloquium.

Our thanks to the Loyola University Andalusia, especially to Dr Sepúlveda for coordinating this new HEST Cluster on Secularization in Europe.

The participating institutions and their delegates are the following:

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