Coming soon: Kircher Network Course on Identity and Mission of Jesuit Higher Education

We are glad to announce the dates for the launch of our formation course in the identity and mission of Jesuit higher education institutions, the Canisius Formation Experience. The first pilot edition of the Course will start in September 2024, with an introductory webinar followed by a three-day in-person session in Vienna (October 28, 29, and 30) and two follow-up webinars on Ignatian Leadership in November next year.

The Canisius Formation will be an introductory immersion experience and hybrid formation for our faculty, leader administrators, and staff who want to gain a foundation in Ignatian identity and the Jesuit higher education mission. Following the best tradition of Ignatian Pedagogy, the Course seeks to be an integral experience comprising intellectual, interiority and relational approaches.

The Course has been prepared with the collaboration of an organising committee shared by Gonzalo Villagrán (UNIJES – Loyola Andalucía University) and composed by Lidia Fioravanti (The Newman Institute) and Josep F. Mària, SJ (ESADE – School of Business), and with the support of the Kircher Network’s Executive Secretary, Susana Di Trolio. We thank the Spanish Jesuit universities (UNIJES) for sharing their long experience in formation programs on mission and identity.

We hope the Course will be an excellent opportunity for networking at the regional level and mutual knowledge among our faculty and staff, helping our universities and centres in Europe and Lebanon and our network become a better apostolic body.

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