BIP DAY IV – Conclusions of the Training Week

6 July 2023

The last day of the BIP International Training Staff Week starded with a workshop conducted by Filipe Martins, SJ, Director of the Jesuit European Social Centre. He presented the work of JESC and the possibilities for collaboration with the Kircher institutions. His presentation served as a starting point for discussions and exchange of ideas.


Filipe Martins

The JRS seeks to accompany, serve and advocate the cause of refugees (…) that may heal, leran and determine their own future

As part of the BIP Inclusion and Diversity conference in Namur, Belgium, For the brainstorming session, participants were divided into working groups to explore possibilities for future collaboration. Ideas were generated and concrete proposals were shared for implementation in the short term, such as the possibility of organizing another BIP on the topic of Service Learning. The groups discussed innovative approaches, joint programmes and research projects that could strengthen the promotion of inclusion and diversity in education.

Participants shared ideas on how to translate the proposals into concrete projects and how to establish effective collaboration between the participating institutions. The importance of maintaining the momentum generated during the conference and taking these ideas forward into concrete actions was emphasised.

The general feeling among the participants of the BIP in Namur was positive and hopeful, they all were motivated by thinking about the different possibilities of collaboration between Kircher Insititutions. The event provided a valuable space for reflection and international collaboration on promoting inclusion and diversity. The conference generated positive momentum and laid the groundwork for future initiatives that will promote more inclusive and equitable educational environments.

To sum up, the experience of the BIP was an important milestone on the road towards promoting inclusion and diversity in higher education. The workshops and discussions enabled participants to share experiences, learn from each other and establish meaningful international collaborations. By putting into practice, the proposals and actions defined during the various workshops, it is hoped that the institutions involved can effectively contribute to the creation of fairer and more equitable societies for all.

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